Death in the Desert: “On the Rise”

February 5, 2014

Unexplained livestock deaths increase across the state

January 20, 2014

Bone Fragments found near Tucson

July 7, 2012

Bear Attack Reignites Fears

May 16, 2001

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July 1, 2014

CASA GRANDE, AZ – Since 1997, the US Border Patrol Agents suspect that more the 2000 people, mainly illegal immigrants and transient homeless travelers, have been murdered in the Arizona Desert.


While some of the deaths can be attributed to exposure, drug cartel assass...

February 5, 2014

Thousands go missing, and no one is paying attention

By Terry Greene Sterling


“Increased militarization of the border dissuades some crossers, but forces others to take more dangerous routes.”

January 20, 2014

PIMA COUNTY, AZ – Jan 20, 2014  – Pima County ranch owners are asking county officials for help. Livestock and cattle deaths have risen 4% since January, and local ranchers are concerned.


“Drought and climate conditions generally account for 1-2% of animal deaths,” acc...

June 2, 2013

Rancho Santa Fe, CA June 1, 2013

Confiscated crime scene footage from the Walton Samuel Gayson was leaked to local news affiliates June 1st, 2013. USAF officials immediately confiscated materials and evidence recovered from the scene, and has not media  public statement...

July 7, 2012

MARANA, AZ – July 7, 2012 – Partial human remains were discovered by a local construction worker Tuesday

morning, north of Interstate 10. The bone fragments were “stripped clean” of any identifying marks, and county medical examiners have been unable to extract DNA samp...

January 21, 2011

Pima County authorities are investigating the discovery of human remains found near the Asarco mine northwest of Tucson.


The Sheriff’s Department said Monday the remains include a skull, pelvis and some smaller bones.


The remains were located in a wash area that is not...

May 16, 2001

SANTA RITA, AZ – May 16, 2001 – Arizona Federal Wildlife personnel have killed a 300-pound black bear suspected of attacking 4 men in the Phoenix area, and mauling a camper in the Santa Rita Mountains near Tucson.


Arizona Fish and Game authorities debate it is highly u...

February 18, 1998



A staggering new Arizona Missing Database report indicates that Arizona ranks as the highest number of suicides and missing persons in the country.

The 1997 Arizona suicide death rate was 64 percent higher than the national rate,...

January 21, 1997


PRESCOTT, AZ – January 21, 1997 – Unexplained Cattle mutilations near Prescott and Tucson.


Local ranchers in the San Rafael Valley reported the bizarre mutilation of eighty cattle and twenty horses to local law enforcement. The unexplained deaths are among hundreds of...

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